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Miss Intercontinental 2016 from Miss Sri Lanka
Yoshi Abeysekara, Actress, Model & Teacher
Sri Lanka

"As a woman engaging in many diverse roles, I need to be confident, look good and feel good as I get about my busy day, and Biona gives me added vitality and the confidence to look my best even without make up! I trust only Biona because it is a rich organic blend produced to highest standards. Biona gives me healthy hair, strong nails and a glowing skin. Try Biona to discover your real beauty from within! "

Kamali Samarakkody
Sri Lanka

Hi,I am 36 years old and a mother of two children aged 14 and 9. I would like to share my experience with all those who are concerned about their beauty. My hair fell excessively due to damages during my hair colour and I thought I would end up without hair! Despite trying several shampoos, conditioners, and oils, I didn’t get any relief. Luckily, I came to know about biona multivitamin product from Natures Only. I started taking Biona and within 3 weeks, I could feel the difference. Hair fall reduced, grew faster and thicker. Biona worked well for my nails and skin as well. Ever since, Biona has been my daily supplement. As a mother and homemaker, I am very busy and could not lose weight after my second baby. Even after trying diet and exercises, my weight was 66 Kg. Thanks to the magical Biona fat Burn tablet, I lost 13 Kg and now my weight is 53 Kg. I eat normal diet and take 2 tablets per day. I am very happy with my new weight and look. Take this for 2-3 weeks and feel the difference. I would suggest everyone to use Biona for a miraculous difference…Love Biona

Nelum Wedagamage, Beautician - Nugegoda
Sri Lanka

As a beautician I meet many ladies who have multiple beauty concerns, and a common aspiration of all these ladies are to have beautiful healthy skin and a slim figure. For healthy beauty, nutrition from within is a must. And as we need to take the right nutrients through food and life a healthy lifestyle through right exercise it is important for us to use an added supplement as we are exposed to so much of external factors such as sun, stress, toxic smoke. And with our busy lifestyles we miss out on taking care of ourselves. I recommend Biona for to clients because I am a user of Biona for many years and have seen great results. It has helped me clear dark patches in my skin, and also helped me in my hair growth. I make an extra effort as a professional and a mother to take care of myself as the right nutrition is important to sustain our looks and stay young. I trust Biona, and recommend it to anyone who wants to take extra care of themselves. It is safe, effective, and proven and I trust only Biona

Ishanka De Alwis, Biona Runway Super Model
Sri Lanka

I like to stay beautiful, and like to maintain natural beauty. I try to maintain a clear skin, healthy hair and strong nails, and because of Biona I find it convenient to do so. The secret to attractive looks is a nutrition from within. Your outer beauty says a lot about your health from within. Did you know that vitamins, amino acids and minerals are very important for strong hair, glowing skin and healthy nails? Therefore maintain your natural beauty through the right nutrition, and for that I recommend Biona. I invite you to try it and experience the rejuvenation. I also wish to take this opportunity to thank Biona for empowering and supporting the women of Sri Lanka to take on bigger roles in life and enabling them to rise in the global and international platform.

Piumi Hansamali, Biona Miss Glowing Skin - Biona Runway Super Model 2014
Sri Lanka

As a person who believes in natural beauty, I value and trust Biona. I thank Biona, for the support given during the BionaRunway super model pageant and for helping me forge ahead with confidence

Darshan, U.S Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor
Sri Lanka

For anyone to stay beautiful and maintain a good figure, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle. Doing the right exercise, eating healthy and leading an active lifestyle are all important factors in weight management and staying slim. I recommend Biona Burn for those who wish to lose weight and burn fat, and Biona Shape for those who want to maintain a slim figure. Many of my students have been on Biona Burn and Shape and have shown fantastic results. Its natural blend is safe and effective, and I recommend only brands that are of the best quality and standards.

Hasini Gunasekara, Renown Beautician Director – International Academy of Beauticians President AP
Sri Lanka

Biona is a brand loved by many people and is a brand that offers a variety of products for customers various beauty needs. I am very pleased to be able to work with Biona on the many workshops they provide for beauticians, as it is a unique brand that drives the vision of empowering women and Helping the industry grow and in turn helping the nation. I wish the brand all success to keep up the good work and to continue with its high standards in keeping customers happy.

Rashmi De Alwis, Service Delivery Manager – AMS Axiata
Sri Lanka

I heard about Biona from a friend who said it was a really good supplement with essential vitamins. I was keen on trying it especially as I wanted more shine and volume in my hair. Biona works so well and I have started experiencing a new me! I feel more healthier, my skin is glowing and my hair feels great. I am so glad my friend Introduced me to this great product.




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