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Your Skin Type : Normal skin/combination

Take care of your skin:

Normal skin : Normal skin should feel vibrant, elastic and supple. This type of skin is associated with least problems. Follow the following steps to maintain a healthy complexion to your skin.
  1. Drink water : Consume as much water as you can.

  2. Moisten your skin : Apply a good moisturizer to keep your skin supple. Flaxseed oil helps in moisturizing your skin from inside. Due to the presence of vital fatty acids, flaxseed oil could do a lot to your overall health.

  3. Exfoliate : Use a good scrub or facial exfoliate to remove dead skin cells before applying moisturizer. Use an oil-based moisturizer as creams and lotions tend to dry out.

  4. Sunscreen : Apply a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 or more. Alternatively, you may choose a product can combines a sunscreen with a moisturizer.

Combination skin : Most of the women have combination skin.If you have combination type skin, you would observe traces of oil coming from your nose and forehead. However, your cheek areas would be clean. As the nature of combination skin is different, it requires different types of care. While the dry zones on cheeks and around eyes should be treated with creams/moisturizers, the oily areas on forehead and nose should benefit from frequent and thorough cleaning.

Your Skin Type : Dry to very dry skin

Take care of your skin:

Dry skin : With dry skin, you may feel flaky, dry and tight. Dry skin is easily prone to sallow tone, wrinkles and fine pores. You should take good care of it to keep it healthy.
  1. Apply the right moisturizer : Avoid commercial creams and lotions, apply a good moisturizer. You may pat your entire body with coconut oil, cocoa butter etc after showering. They contain naturally occurring skin-friendly essential oils. Natural agents are extremely beneficial for dry skin as they heal, deeply moisturize and protect skin from aging

  2. Avoid tap water : Tap water contains chlorine, fluoride and other undesirable chemicals, avoid using it. Use toners and milks- they effectively remove daily impurities and makeup, purify and refine pores and leave dry skin feeling clean, soft, and hydrated.

  3. Do not scrub : Do not scrub, instead, use a mild soap to gently exfoliate your skin without causing irritation.

  4. Include healthy oils in diet : A good preventive measure for dry skin is to augment your diet with essential oils that contains organic butter, cod liver oil, omega-3-fatty acids.

Your Skin Type : Oily skin

Take care of your skin:

Oily skin : Oily skin appears greasy, thick, coarse and shiny. It has enlarged pores and is more prone to acne. Dry skin is advantageous as it is not much prone to aging and wrinkling. You may take care of your oily skin by Careful cleaning and by minimizing carbohydrate consumption. Both these help in improving the quality of oily skin.

Your Skin Type : Sensitive skin

Take care of your skin:

Sensitive skin : Sensitive skin is normally dry, tends to appear tight and becomes inflamed/irritated easily. Sensitive skin is the most fragile type of skin and develops reddish and scaly areas, could be itchy and tingly and is prone to develop into spots. This type of skin requires special care. Many companies have developed products especially for sensitive skin. Mild products that do not contain any scents should be preferred if you have sensitive skin.

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